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I'm starting this page with reviews of restaurants Jennifer and I have dined at recently. I'd be happy to add additional reviews from restaurants that readers of this page have visited, and will credit you with the review. Please send reviews or comments to Scott at sshurr@gmail.com.

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  • $ Arcadia Restaurant - 837 Main Street - 781-893-9747
    • 2003 01 13 review by Mike Morrison

      When TV sitcom writers are looking for the prototypical diner location, they come to the Arcadia Restaurant on Main Street in Waltham. It is everything you would expect a diner to be. Is that good? Bad? Well, that depends on what you're looking for. Me, I think it's mostly good.

      Breakfast and brunch fare is tasty, hearty food. Eggs (Egg Beaters available), pancakes, buttered toast, hash, and French toast are all served up hot and fresh. The omelettes and hash are particularly good. The home fries are a little less tasty, but nothing that a healthy dose of ketchup can't fix. The coffee is decent, and you can expect a warm-up every time there's more than an inch of ceramic showing on the inside of the mug.

      The service at Arcadia ranges from polite to downright friendly, depending on what you make of it. They are very efficient and usually just as busy. Prices are extremely affordable--you can get brunch, coffee, juice and tip for under $8.

      If I could sum it up in one sentence: Arcadia Restaurant is the sort of place where you wouldn't be surprised if you heard Flo say, "Mel, kiss my grits!" before your meal was done. I give it three and a half stomach pumps (out of five).

  • $ Heidi's Restaurant - 723 Moody Street - 781-891-5827
  • $ Wilson's Diner - 507 Main Street - 781-899-0760 (photographs)
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