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I'm starting this page with reviews of restaurants Jennifer and I have dined at recently. I'd be happy to add additional reviews from restaurants that readers of this page have visited, and will credit you with the review. Please contact me. sshurr@gmail.com All phone numbers in listing are in the 781 area code.

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  • $$ Bombay Mahal - 458 Moody Street - 781-893-9988
    • 2002 10 26 review by Michelle -

      red dot Inspite of us being 4 and a baby, they still seated us on a small table which could barely fit 4 people. When we asked to be seated on a bigger table, the waiter (I think his name was Deepak - he is a buy guy with a moustache and a deep voice) said that those tables we reserved. For the entire 1 1/2 hour that we were there, nobody occupied any of the 3 bigger tables, and when we were about to leave, there were just 15 mins before the restaurant would close. I doubt anybody would have come and occupied those tables in that time. No sooner had we ordered appetizers than the waiter made us order the main course (without even the appetizers having come). When the main courses came, we found that they were far too spicy for our taste. Please stay away from the Bos Naan in particular. To give you an idea about how spicy the Boss Naan was, consider this : The couple with us were from Andhra Pradesh .. arguably the culture with the spiciest food in India. After eating the Boss Naan they too had tears in their eyes. Please note that we did NOT specify that the food be made spicy. You think this was it..but oh no!..My baby was causing a commotion so to distract her I took her over to an empty table, and Deepak immediately came over and sprayed disinfectant on the table right in my 11 month-old's face. So when we were all done, we asked them to pack up the food and give us a few mins to decide on dessert..But he didn't even give us 2 mins, as he came with a check. And guess what!! Inspite of there being 3 entrees and naans and rice leftover, all he packed was the rice and the so-spicy-you'll-die naan!!

      Pros None

      Cons Inhospitable waiter, very spicy food, most kid UNfriendly

      The Bottom Line Stay away...the food and the service are both loathesome.

    • 2012 04 28 review by Sudhanshu -

      red dot Can you please add my experience at Bombay Mahal as well ..I agree 100% with your review. I had never heard any thing good about this place from any Indian friends; only BAD; when we lived in Waltham 12 years back. Being Indian I tried this restaurant once ..12 years back..food was horrible. After a Groupon deal I went again ..food and service was even worse. They also argued on groupon deal and did not give us the deal we bought ( We bought $35 for dinner of 4 worth $83.89 - The guy came with the Bill deducted only $35 ..then we said this is groupon deal and 4 specialty dinner are for this groupon value. He mocked at us and said he can only give us $70 back) So he took extra money from us. Really how come so many give even 2 star to this place ..I saw another family screaming at the waiter for water not being served for 15 minutes ..Same with us. Waiter came 3 times to check our soup order and then got the wrong ones ...one soup was smelling horrible. We returned all 3..as 4th never came. Please save your money and agony. Please check with your Indian friend before going to this place. this place is THE worst food I had in any Indian Joint ever. Stay away from Meat ..it is stale and old.

  • $$ Little India - 475 Moody Street - 781-894-8755
    • 1999 09 12

      green dot Little India is a small Indian restaurant on Moody Street. There are 10 tables in the front room looking out on the street, and a back room with larger tables for gatherings. It was recently redecorated, and features pink walls, wooden tables and chairs with cloth inlays, and wrought iron candalabra. Meals begin with a plate of papadam served with chutney and 2 other sauces, one brown and the other green. We started with the Vegetarian Platter ($5.50) of appetizers, which included 2 large samosas, vegetable pakora, panir pakora, and aloo tikki. We liked the spinach pakora the best, as well as the other with homemade panir. I had a glass of white zinfandel ($2.95) which was very good. For the entrees we shared 2 dishes. The Chicken Spinach ($9.50) was cooked in a blend of mushroom sauce and spices. Panir-do-piaza ($9.50) was cubes of fresh homemade cheese cooked with chunks of onions, tomato, green peppers and spices. Both were good, but we enjoyed the Chicken Spinach most. We had an order of Puri ($2.75) with 2 large pieces of the puffy bread. Service was prompt and attentive throughout the meal. The prices at Little India have increased slightly from what they were, but the restaurant still features quality food at a reasonable rate.

    • 2002 11 04 by Jaes Easo

      green dot I've been there 5 times now for their lunch buffet. It's all you can for around $7. The place has a nice peaceful ambience, reasonable service and great food. The food is just perfect, not too spicy not too bland. They have 2 rooms and I've been to both, though my personal preference is the outer room. I've been to Bombay Mahal too and quite frankly once was enough. Whenever we feel like having Indian food while in Waltham, Little India is the only preferred option.

    • 2005 01 13 by D. Lee

      yellow dot $35 for two including two domestic beers, but not including tip. Overall opinion: Mediocre by my standards for Indian food. I would consider it like a whitebread version of Indian food. Not that great, not that spicy, but not awful. This is my first visit to an Indian restaurant in Waltham. I've been to plenty of other good Indian restaurants in Cambridge, Framingham/Natick, and Arlington. I always judge an Indian restaurant by the quality of their chutney. The tomato-onion chutney at Little India was very disappointing - no flavor, and no heat. For an appetizer, we ordered vegetable pakoras. They came out with two pakoras. The dough skin wrapper of the pakora was very thick and made the texture of the pakorah a bit tough and not to mention that the ratio of filling to dough wasn't that great. Very weak pakoras compared to other Indian restaurants that I go to. At little India, an order of Garlic Naan was one piece of naan, it had a slight raised yeast bread aspect to it instead of the normal unleavened flatbread oozing of garlic flavor that I get at other Indian restaurants. We ordered two vegetarian dishes which I can't spell correctly. We specifically asked them to make one of the dishes very spicy. Both dishes were barely spicey at all; very disappointing when we specifically asked for one of the dishes to be very spicy. The entrees were served with plain white basmati rice - nothing special. Service was okay. Would I go there again? Probably not.

  • $$ New Mother India - 336 Moody Street - 781-893-3311

    • 2007 05 16 review by Josh of Brandeis University

      red dot My three suitemates and I often purvey the Indian food buffets around Brandeis - one day (in April of '07) we went to New Mother India at around 1:30. The buffet was reasonably priced, yet the selection of Indian dishes actually on the buffet were poor. There were no mainstream dishes, such as Tikka Masala, Korma, Paneer, or Vindaloo. The dishes were somewhat cold and the pakoras were not crisp. It seemed like very poor fare to me. Resistant service + poor selection + mediocre quality food = poor buffet. As to the quality of their dinner menu, I cannot attest.

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