Waltham Hospital

Hospital staff
Staff photograph courtesy of Deaconess-Waltham hospital.

Hospital entrance Entrance level Larger view Garden

More photos of the Mary Eagan Garden, taken by Terry Eagan.
Photo of the Mary Eagan Garden

Deaconess Waltham Hospital was designated for closure by owner CareGroup by April of 2002. A deal was made with developer Roy MacDowell, locally known for his Cronin's Landing and Bear Hill projects, to keep the hospital open in exchange for acquiring a portion of the land for another housing project. The hospital reverted to its old name, Waltham Hospital. The hospital was unable to recover, and final closing date was July 29, 2003. Still open at the site is the Sterling Medical Center, and the Cancer Care Center. The mayor is looking into alternate means of providing emergency health care to the people of Waltham.

By March of 2004, when the photographs below were taken, a parking garage had been built, and contruction of housing had begun on the former parking lots.

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Staff photograph courtesy of Deaconess-Waltham hospital. Last garden photograph courtesy of Terry Eagan.
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